Active premonsoon thunderstorms to galore in TN

SWM withdrawal is all set to gain pace after stalling in North West India for past 10 days. It has further withdrawn from entire Uttarakhand, most parts of west Uttar Pradesh, some more parts of northwest Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and remaining parts of Rajasthan as on today. Now there is a watch for a low pressure area which is expected to form over the east central Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood in the next 3 to 4 days, this development is watched keenly as it can have the potential to become a significant tropical system targeting East coast of India around Diwali time.

Current spell of Thundershowers over parts of South Interior Karnataka and Rayalaseema are expected to run along with same throttle until early next week after which drier conditions will set in. Widespread Thundershowers across interior parts of Tamil Nadu will continue unabated for next 3 or 4 days. Seasonal easterlies are still few days away as dynamic models suggest an imminent delay in the onset of NEM.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Partly sunny and humid day with highs of about 33/34C. Thunderstorms are expected late in the evening/night.

Vellore – Partly cloudy day turning wet by evening. High temperatures of 32/33C is expected.

Trichy – Warm and sunny with highs of 34/35C. Chances of few thunderstorms by evening.

Madurai – Sunny day on the cards with mercury scaling 34/35C and Thundershowers will take stage in the evening.

Coimbatore – Gentle and warm day with max settling at 32C. Slight chance of precipitation does exist.