Another sweltering day is in prospect for many areas of the state

The heat is rising as we hit the hottest part of the year. 18th May saw temperatures climb to 45 degrees C in Tiruttani and Chennai recorded the hottest day of the year with Nungambakkam at 42.6 and Meenambakkam at 43.6 C
Good news is that the build up of thunder storms will ensure that the heat stays under control in several parts of interior Tamil Nadu.
North Interior Tamil Nadu, particularly areas in Vellore and adjoining District could receive showers. Areas in Coimbatore District could also receive showers. Some places in Trichy District could also see a few showers though not heavy. For coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, scattered thunderstorms could occur but another hot day is in prospect in many areas.
City Outlook:

Chennai – City could expect another sweltering day but we could see the first significant thundershowers of the year. Day high expected to peak at 42.5 degrees.

Coimbatore – A warm day beckons the district. Significant chance of thundershowers expected over the region. Day high would remain around 35 degrees.
Madurai – The city may receive some respite from the heat with possibility of showers tomorrow. Day max will hover around 40 degrees C.
Trichy – Another hot and steamy day in prospect. Day high could scale up to 40 degrees with respite in the form of evening Thunderstorms.
Vellore – Yet another blistering day in the offing. Mercury levels could soar up to 43 degrees with decent chance of evening Thunderstorms.