Belligerent Rains To Remain Active

The rainy start to October in the peninsula is likely to continue undeterred despite the gradual diminution of the south-west monsoon’s strength. The rains are likely to continue pillaging the interiors of the peninsula with some rainfall arriving at the coasts as well. Tamil Nadu along with its neighbouring regions of Karnataka, Rayalaseema and Kerala could experience several thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening, following a bright and sunny forenoon.
Thundershowers are also likely to prevail across Maharashtra, much of central India and of course, the eastern parts of the country, along the monsoon trough.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Partly cloudy morning giving way to bright and sunny skies. Maximum temperatures of 33-34 C likely, with chances of showers.

Trichy – A hot day on the cards with maximum temperatures of 35-36 C. Evening showers likely.

Madurai – Fairly warm day with the mercury hitting 35 C. Thundershowers might occur in the afternoon.

Coimbatore – Hot and humid afternoon ahead, characterized by a maximum temperature of 33 C. Showers likely in the evening.

Vellore – Moderately warm day with a maximum of 32-33 C. A few showers could be in the vicinity.