Cool Day Likely To Commemorate The New Year

KeaWeather wishes a very happy and prosperous New Year 2017.
A cool day lies ahead for the state of Tamil Nadu with little chances of rain. People in the interiors of Tamil Nadu and in the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh could be left open to blue skies while those in the southern parts of the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala could experience partly cloudy weather with slightly humid conditions.
The coastal parts of Tamil Nadu have rather slim chances of rains while the rest of the peninsula is likely to remain completely dry. Needless to mention, some snowfall is likely in the Himalayan mountains on new year’s day.
City Outlook:
Chennai – Cool day ahead under blue skies with slight chances of rains. Maximum temperatures of 29 C.
Trichy – Enjoyable weather likely with maximum temperatures hitting 31 C.
Madurai – Mildly warm day with humidity increasing as the day progresses. Temperatures likely to cap at 32 C.
Coimbatore – Cloudless skies with no chances of rain as the city is likely to tread under maximums of 31-32 C.
Vellore – Chill afternoon followed by a cool night as the temperatures could range between 16 C and 29 C.