Dose of Thundershowers to continue in Tamil Nadu

Retreating South West Monsoon is active over Jharkhand and parts of Peninsular India. East-West shear zone and the cyclonic circulations’ around, contributes to keeping the monsoon rains active in these zones. One final push of the monsoon in the form of a rain driving low pressure area is expected to form in next 3-4 days over North Bay benefitting most parts of North Peninsular and adjoining Central India before it winds up over these areas

The dose of thundershowers in many parts of Tamil Nadu will continue for next several days with varying spread and intensity. Daytime temperatures in many parts of the state will continue to trend higher and the thundershowers are expected to provide much needed relief by late evening. As we inch closer to the seasonal easterlies to take over, dynamic model consensus are still unclear on onset date of NEM and how the season will pan out.


City Outlook:

Chennai – Warm day on the cards with highs of about 34/35C. Thunderstorms are forecast for the evening/night.

Vellore – Warm and partly cloudy day turning wet by evening. High temperatures of 33C is expected.

Trichy – Very warm and uncomfortable with highs of 36/37C. Chance of a thunderstorm does exist for the evening.

Madurai – Hot weather to continue with max of 36/37C and chance of thunderstorms in the vicinity.

Coimbatore – Gentle and warm day with max settling at 32C. No chance of precipitation.