Dry weather conditions set to continue

North east Monsoon remains weak over south peninsula and dry weather conditions are prevailing over the region. Far in the south east Bay of Bengal and the adjoining south Andaman Sea, a trough of low at mean sea level with it’s associated upper air circulation extending up to 3 km above sea level is set to intensify into a low pressure area and subsequently into a depression in the same region in the next 48 hours. Under its influence rains are expected to increase over the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The aforementioned system is not likely to affect main land India as per forecast projections by Numerical Weather Prediction models.
Meanwhile, dry weather will prevail across Tamil Nadu. Night time temperatures will remain normal in the region.
City Outlook:
Chennai can expect a clear day with occasional low level clouds. Day and  night time temperatures can settle around 31 C and 20 C.
Coimbatore can expect a dry day with day time maximum and night time minimum settling around 33 C and 21 C.
Vellore will have a clear sky with maximum and minimum settling around 31 C and 18 C.
Trichy will have a warm day with maximum settling around 34 C and minimum settling around 22/21 C.
Madurai can have a warm sunny day with maximum and minimum settling around 34 C and 21 C.