Fair weather likely over TN & Pondy

South West Monsoon (SWM) has been on an active mode over regions of Punjab, coastal AP, J & K, Himachal and pockets of North West India , Marathwada and Telengana.

Meanwhile, the low pressure area over West Central Bay of Bengal off north AP coast lingers on.

After few days of cloudy skies and isolated showers over TN, sunny weather with near normal day highs seems a fair possibility at the beginning of the week. Few isolated late evening rain spells likely over TN and Pondy.


City Outlook:

Chennai – Scattered cloud cover at day break. Periods of intermittent sunshine later on. A day high of 35C and a chance of a light shower in the evening.

Coimbatore – Fair weather mostly over the region. A stray shower cannot be ruled out with A high of 33 degrees C.

Madurai – Another warm and sultry day ahead with mercury peaking at 37 degrees C. A chance of a shower towards evening.

Trichy – A sunny day in prospect. Max should peak around 36 degrees C.

Vellore – Partly cloudy skies through the day, remaining warm and bit humid. A day max of 35C and a minimum of 25 degrees C over the district.

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24 Hrs. Highlights: Valparai PTO in Coimbatore district gets 69mm rainfall