NEM games 2017

Many thanks to the Keabloggers for making the Hunger games a resounding success. Participation scaled new heights and motivated us to plan for more!

Change is in the air
A change which brings in
• Fresh new rains
• Fresh new thoughts
• Fresh new growth

To celebrate and welcome this change, we are announcing the Maiden edition of The NEM games

The traditional rivals will battle it out for prestige and honour.
Yes, Nunga vs Meena battle is back, but with a small twist

Nunga and meena will be divided into 2 teams with 2 other stations. All you need to do is chose your team and battle it out. Logically you should be loyal to your zone but desertions and leaping to the other side is allowed.

Team Nunga
Red Hills

Team Meena

October competition runs from Sep 30th 8:30 am onwards and ends on Oct 31st, 8:30 am Please send in your entries before Sep 29th 10 pm.

Based on the response to this contest, we will have more exciting games for Nov and Dec (and maybe for Jan 2018 also!)

Entries will be accepted in this page from September 25th- 29th.


NEM games Score Sheet