Quotidian Thunderstorms In No Mood To Recede

The daily thunderstorms that have been occurring in isolated regions are likely to continue in the state of Tamil Nadu, with particular reference to the northern parts of the state. Sporadic showers are likely in the other parts of the state along with the neighbouring regions of Rayalaseema, south interior Karnataka.

Majestic monsoon rains are likely to continue in water-starved Kerala where the dire scenario continues to improve. On the other hand, scattered rains are likely along the Himalayan foothills and parts of West Bengal, Jharkhand.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Moderate temperatures are likely on a humid day with the temperatures capping at 35 C. Thunderstorms likely in the evening.

Trichy – Hot weather on the cards with temperatures of 36-37C. Showers possible in the evening.

Madurai – Less than average heat ahead for this hot paradise. Maximum temperatures of 35-36 C. A couple of showers possible in the district.

Coimbatore – Cool weather likely with the mercury maximizing at 30 C. Drizzles likely.

Vellore – Warm afternoon likely with the thermometer reading 33-34 C. Showers possible.