Sunday set to be dry across TN

A mildly warm afternoon is likely to prevail over Tamil Nadu followed by a chill night with dismal chances of rains. The neighbouring state of Kerala, however, could harbour a few showers, especially along the coastal areas. Slight possibilities of precipitation exist in northern India along the Himalayan mountains as a western disturbance is set to traverse the region.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Dry and cloudless skies with maximum temperatures of 30 C ahead.
Trichy – Arid days ahead for the city with no chances of rain. The mercury could hit 31 C in the afternoon.
Madurai – Warm day with clear skies followed by a cool night with maximum temperatures of 32 C.
Vellore – Cool day ahead with the temperature dipping from a peak of 29-30 C to a chill 18 C overnight.
Coimbatore – Maximum temperatures of 31-32 C on the cards with no chances of rains.