SWM continues to monopolize west coast

Yesterday’s off shore trough from Karnataka coast to Kerala coast now runs from Konkan Goa coast to Kerala coast. Meanwhile, In Tamil Nadu warm conditions expected to prevail with isolated places witnessing TS activity. Tiruthani and Madurai Airport recorded the highest maximum temperature of 40 degree Celsius in the region.

Favourable conditions are developing for further advance of Southwest monsoon into some more parts of North Arabian sea during next 3-4 days.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Yet another hot day with some occasional cumulus cover. Maximum temperatures could hit 37-38 C.

Trichy – Scorching heat to continue with a maximum of 38 C.

Madurai – Balmy afternoon up ahead with the mercury hitting 39/40 C.

Coimbatore – beautiful weather ahead maximum temperature hitting 30 / 31 C.

Vellore – Hot day with the maximum hitting 36/37 C. Rainfall possible in the afternoon.



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