Vigorous Thunderstorms to maintain their rhythm in most parts of TN

Southwest monsoon has been vigorous over Tamil Nadu. Yesterday’s trough on sea level chart running from Telangana to Comorin area across Rayalaseema and interior Tamil Nadu persists. Models continue to be in tight agreement of more Thunderstorms activity in most parts of interior TN coinciding with a strong break monsoon phase.

A hot day in Southern & Central TN will give way to an evening of thundery showers across various places. Rayalaseema will experience some rains too. Rains in Kerala and Coastal Karnataka will continue to trend meagre atleast for the next 2-3 weeks.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Warm and humid day with max settling at 35-36C. showers expected in the evening.

Vellore – Cloudy and warm day yielding to a possible strong TS by evening. Maximum temperatures will hover around 35C mark.

Trichy – A warm day with max of 34/35C. Thunderstorms are expected in the vicinity.

Madurai – Partly cloudy and warm with max of 36C and interlude in the form of strong Thundershowers in the evening.

Coimbatore – Partly sunny with max of 33C and a pleasant night. Thunderstorms are expected later in the day.