Widespread Thunderstorm activity likely over North TN

Instability and wind confluence increases over mid troposphere, as the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) impacts South India. This MJO has increased the moisture level in the atmosphere over South India. Thunderstorms to be active over South Interior Karnataka, Rayalaseema and over North TN for the next 24 to 48 hours.

General Forecast: Thunderstorms likely to occur at many places over North TN and at a few places over Rayalaseema and South Interior Karnataka. Few places in North TN to experience severe thunderstorms with gale winds, especially in the night. Day temperature to remain close to normal in most of the places over TN.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Bright start to morning. Rain or thundershower accompanied with gusts likely to occur during the night. Max Temp 35 C, Min 26 C.

Vellore – Hot and Sunny day likely. Thunderstorm likely during evening or night, some may be heavy too. Max Temp likely to hover around 35 C, Min 26 C.

Coimbatore – Cloudy sky expected during the day. Intermittent spells expected by evening. Max Temp 33 C, Min 23 C.

Tiruchirappalli – Another hot day expected to prevail. Evening thunderstorms expected in the city, few places to get heavy. Max Temp 36 C, Min 27 C.

Madurai – Sunny day expected to continue. Few spells of rain expected by evening or night. Max Temp 36 C, Min 26 C.