Winter descends upon Tamil Nadu

Even though winter has descended for much of the regions in Tamil Nadu, the general weather situation for Friday is clear and little cold  and many region in Tamil Nadu endured one of the coldest period in few years for last couple of days.
Trough of low  over Sumatra Island and adjoining  South Andaman sea is likely to organize  into low pressure area and subsequently  into a Depression in coming days. Even though Tamil Nadu does not have any impact on  this upcoming system, moderate to dense fog may envelope over many areas in southern and central interior Tamil Nadu.
City Outlook:
Chennai – Partly sunny with chance of drizzle over parts of city. Maximum temperature may settle around 30.5 C with minimum of  23.5 C.
Coimbatore – Mostly sunny with maximum temperature of 32 C.
Madurai – Partly Sunny with little warm. Mercury may have a span of 34 C  and  20 C.
Trichy – Partly cloudy, maximum temperature may touch 33 C while minimum may settle around 21 C.
Vellore – Mostly Sunny and pleasant. Maximum temperature is likely to touch around 31 C.