A whiff of winter in TN

Weather remains dry and cold across entire Tamil Nadu causing some discomfort to people in the night & early morning. Absence of rainfall led to increase in temperature in day time by few notches in many districts for this season. South east Bay of Bengal and the adjoining Andaman sea is seeing a disturbance which is likely to develop into a low pressure area in the coming days. It is expected to travel in a westward direction towards south peninsular Tamil Nadu. Southern and many coastal areas of Tamil Nadu may have significant showers out of  this upcoming  low pressure system early next week.

City Outlook: 

Chennai – The sky condition is likely to be partly cloudy. Minimum temperature may dip to 19 deg C and Maximum temperature would be around 31 deg C.

Coimbatore – dense fog will be witnessed in parts of the city early morning. Maximum day time temperature may touch 33 deg C.

Madurai – Partly cloudy and pleasant weather. Temperature may settle with max of 33 deg C.

Trichy – Partly sunny and warm with maximum temperature  of  33 deg C.

Vellore – Partly sunny with pleasance. Maximum temperature may not cross 31 deg C.