Active monsoon in sight for North and East India

The flanks of the monsoon has extended into most of Indian Subcontinent now, as it covered vast areas in North India and remaining parts of East India. The northern extent passes through Ahmedabad (in Gujarat) Udaipur (in Rajasthan) Aligarh (in Uttar Pradesh) and Amritsar (in Punjab). Entire country is expected to be covered in next 48hours (including Delhi). Rains in west coast will continue with same vigour as the moist westerlies continue to barrel into the ghats with higher speeds. Heavy to very heavy rains are forecast for Coastal and ghats of South Interior Karnataka, parts of North and adjoining Central India, as monsoon looks to firmly establish its hold over the country.

Over Tamil Nadu, seasonal climes continue to prevail with warm to hot days and increased chances of showers by evening as moisture incursion happens from west coast into leeward zones. Heavy Rains are foreseen in ghats of Nilgiris and Coimbatore owing to active monsoon conditions.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Warm and humid with highs of 37C and lows of 27C. Chance of a shower by evening.

Vellore – Breezy day with partly cloudy skies with highs of 36C and lows of 26C. Isolated shower in spots.

Trichy – Very windy and hot with a day max of 38C and night mins of 27C.

Madurai – Hot and sunny as mercury is forecast to settle at 38C/27C.

Coimbatore – Windy and warm with highs of 32C and lows of 22C. Chance of a shower or two in the western parts of the city.