Active phase of Monsoon in sight

After a brief lull, monsoon is set to enter into an active phase over the west coast as the westerly flows gain pace. With ensuing offshore vortex to follow up, it will only reinvigorate the monsoon activity in Coastal Karnataka and adjoining Goa and South Konkan. Heavy to very heavy falls are forecast for Konkan, with heavy falls predicted for Kerala and Coastal Karnataka. Ghats which had taken a beating last week must prepare itself for another rain fury which is not an uncommon sight given the time of the year.

Monsoon advance (up North) will continue to remain stalled in the absence of driving circulation and weak monsoonal flows in Bay. In Tamilnadu, the day time temperatures continue to trend normal barring few patches in coastals where heat can perk up a tad. Chances of isolated thundershowers in North Tamilnadu is possible and it can be accompanied with winds and lightning.

City Outlook:

Chennai – A Hot and Humid day leading to Thunderstorms in some parts of the city. Max of around 39 degrees and a low of 27 degrees.

Coimbatore – A Partly cloudy and a breezy day. One or two spells of passing showers in the offing. High of around 31 degrees and a low of 22 degrees.

Madurai – An uncomfortable and warm day giving way to a manageable night. High of 38 degrees and a low of 26 degrees.

Trichy – A Hot day will be followed by warm night. High of around 38 degrees and a low of 27 degrees.

Vellore – A Hot day leading to partly cloudy skies during the evening/night. 80% chances of a Thunderstorm in the evening. High of 38 degrees and a low of 26 degrees.