All eyes on System movement and Intensity as LPA forms

A Low Pressure Area is observed being formed over Equatorial Indian Ocean and adjoining central parts of South Bay of Bengal on 21st of November.
Tense and anxious 48-72 hours ahead for al KEA bloggers as we wait for this system with eyes gazed at the sky. As we are all aware that for every system there is a villain in the form of WD which pushes the system away from TN coast. This time as well WD is coming and that’s why the timing of the system’s landfall will decide whether it’s for TN or not. But WD also may help in shifting the bands up from Delta to Chennai which is always a dream scenario for us rather than direct hit which wont last long time and also dangerous.

With so much confusion in the background models that are struggling to pick the exact landfall location, the best approach is the places from Nagai to Kavali need to be on put on alert and the places between Karaikal and Chennai need to be put on high alert as they look to be the hot spots. With just 96 hours to go for the event let’s see what’s in store for us from Nature, hoping it’s one that benefits one and all.