Average Summer conditions to Stay here

TN continues to present contrasting fortunes with the Coastal areas cashing in on the friendly easterlies and the interiors continuing to be heated by the southerlies
While rains continue to elude TN, parts of North Coastal Kerala/Interior Karnataka could see a few showers. Parts of Telengana may catch the odd shower.
But the real treat is reserved for North Coastal AP, Odisha and WB where a few thunderstorms could bring in some welcome relief.

City forecast:
Chennai – Warm day ahead with the max around 36c and min around 28c. RH could top 84%.
Vellore – A hot day on the cards with the max around 41c and min around 28c. Max RH could be around 73%.
Coimbatore – Will Have a sunny day with a max of 38c and min around 26c. Max RH could touch 70%.
Trichy – Dry and uncomfortable weather likely over the region with a max of 40c and min of 28c. RH will max around 71%.
Madurai – Very warm day with a max of 40c and min around 28c. RH max around 73%.