Blogging rules

Dear KeaWeather Bloggers,

This is the humble request to all bloggers to maintain the quality and integrity of KEA Weather blog.

As lot of new bloggers are joining this blog recently, I would take this time as the best opportunity to request you all few things to be followed on behalf of moderators.

This blog have not come across moderators, but due to lot of repetitive and questions that are not really raised in the intention of learning about weather, We have made the decision to increase the number of moderators to make sure that this blog does not go in the wrong way and as always keep the primary objective to “learn and Discuss” weather.


a) Registration is voluntary, but recommended. It would be helpful if fellow bloggers know a few things about you. Please send your details (name, DOB, location, latest picture) to

b) Please avoid repetitive questions. Most of the bloggers including the Show runner(KEA) may not be free to immediately answer your queries and questions. Please think that they are also working for some private corporate and they have their own personal commitments. Like you blog here in your free time, they also can only blog in their free time and they are spending their valuable free time in this blog to share their knowledge because of their interest in weather. (Any repetitive Questions will be removed by moderators)

c) Do ensure questions are related to weather and has relevance to the group.

d) Be assured that logical questions will be replied. It may not be immediate all the time and so do be patient.


Hope you will all understand and cooperate to maintain the quality and integrity of KEA Weather blog and learn more about weather.

Happy Blogging!