Brief Spurt Of Monsoon Rains Likely In Tamil Nadu

A rather mild easterly wave and its associated trough crossing Tamil Nadu on Sunday is likely to set up some showers in a few parts of the state. Rainfall is likely in the coastal areas in the morning and night with some showers seeping in to the interiors in the evening. This is likely to be coupled with a mild increase in temperatures in the southern peninsula owing to the moisture being brought in by the system. Kerala could also experience some showers along with parts of southern Andhra Pradesh from this easterly wave.


City Outlook:

Chennai – Partly cloudy day ahead with high possibilities of showers. Maximum temperatures of 31-32 C.
Trichy – Warm day with periods of cloudy weather following a mild afternoon with maximum temperatures of 33 C. Showers likely in the afternoon and evening.
Madurai – Mild weather ahead as the easterly wave could set up afternoon showers in the district following temperature peaks of 32-33 C.
Vellore – Warm and cloudy day on the cards with a maximum of 33 C. Showers possible in the evening.
Coimbatore – Comfortable weather up ahead with maximums of 31-32 C as occasional drizzles and showers could light up the day.
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