Countdown to NEM starts!

The Arrival of North East Monsoon (NEM) which is the lifeline for TN is being watched with utmost interest. SWM has extended its withdrawal in most parts of North and Central India and so the action shifts to the Southern states. Couple of disturbances on either side of the peninsula is keeping the state of TN active with heavy rainfall over interiors in particular. An Upper Air Circulation (UAC) over SE Arabian Sea and another one near Andaman sea are under watch as few models are developing these into 2 marginal Low Pressure Systems in the coming days. East-West shear zone in low to mid Troposphere runs roughly along North TN latitude.

02. INSATx

Chennai: With Easterly winds in flow, temperature likely to settle near 32-33c. A Cloudy day will see a few Showers in one or two regions of the city!

Vellore: Pleasant day on the cards as temp will be range bound at 31-32c. Look out for evening rains.

Coimbatore: Good chance of rainfall with temp likely to stay around 31-32c

Madurai: A cloudy day with the max temp staying close to 34-35c. Fair chance of rains.

Trichy: City will see a max temp of 34c with chances of Isolated showers.