Cyclone Bulbul barells into Bengal coast

Very severe Cyclonic Storm BulBul is expected to make landfall between West Bengal and Bangladesh coasts near Sagar Islands by tonight as it races in NNE direction. North Coastal Odisha and West Bengal coasts are gearing up for the cyclone as ominous winds and heavy rains threaten millions of lives in Balasore Digha Sunderbans in Bengal and Bangladesh. Slight weakening is forecast before the landfall after which the system will encounter hilly terrains of Tripura where it will weaken to a low and eventually dissipate over next 2days.

Down South, scattered thunderstorms would break out in many places in interior Tamil Nadu by noon and grow in expanse by evening. Day would generally be warm muggy and humid in most parts of the state and thunderstorms should come as a welcome relief. Seasonal climes would return early next week as easterlies are set to resume in South West Bay which would further enhance the rainfall prospects in Coastal Tamil Nadu which is under a break like monsoon scenario currently. In Northern plains, minimum temperatures would fall further by 2-4C signalling the onset of winter and the air quality would generally remain poor if not severe.