Decreasing trend in Rains on card

The waning Low Pressure Trough in Southwest Bay of Bengal off Srilankan coast would give some final parting showers Today and Tomorrow to North coastal districts inc. Chennai & Pondicherry.
Another Low Pressure Trough with embedded Cyclonic circulation is hovering over Maldive-­Lakshadweep area. This would result in Heavy Thunderstorms in Kerala and scattered showers in some parts of Southern districts.
As the rains in Tamil Nadu slowly peter out, all eyes are now fixed on the Malay Peninsula, where a LPA is spinning quietly and is likely to emerge into Andaman Sea in the next 48 hours.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Generally Cloudy sky with intermittent Showers expected with a High of 28 degrees and a low of 24 degrees temperature.

Vellore – Generally cloudy sky with Light rain possibility. Expected temp would be a High of 28 degrees and a low of 23 degrees.

Coimbatore  – Mostly cloudy Sky is expected with Moderate rain possibility. Max & Min temp would be around 28 & 22 C.

Trichy –  Generally cloudy sky with Moderate rain possibility. Temp – Max of 28 degrees and a minimum of 23 degrees.

Madurai – Partly Cloudy sky with Moderate rain possibility. An expected high temp of 30 degrees and a low of 23 degrees.









NEM Fact & Figure # 16

Chennai recorded its highest one day rainfall of 452 mm on 25th Nov 1976. It came close to beating its record on 27th Oct 2005, but ended at 423 mm. Both were due to cyclonic systems during NEM.
Rainfall is key to our Drinking Water supplies. Chennai lake water levels are tracked by Chennai Metro water on a daily basis. You can access it through