Delayed SWM retreat favors Interior Tamil Nadu

A weak disturbance from Lakshadweep area could throw more clouds and showers over north west Interior and south interior Tamil Nadu later Sunday or on Sunday night.

A few of the thunderstorms will be capable of producing heavy downpours at some places over areas adjoining western Ghats and isolated interior pockets of TN.

Conditions are favorable for further withdrawal of south west monsoon from eastern and western parts of India.

Chennai city will have condition though minimal for getting some shower during evening or night.

September month had already seemed to have it all with multiples days of both above average and below average temperatures as well as sunshine and rain-filled days for Chennai. October month yet to start its account.

Chennai will begin to see a slight pattern shift on Tuesday as we say goodbye to much sunshine and hello to increased rain chances through the second half of the week.

While we should remain dry through the Tuesday, expect for showers to begin drifting our way by the Tuesday afternoon hours with coverage increasing by the evening and overnight hours. Wait continues with a hope.