Depression alert for Odisha and North AP coasts

Monsoonal Deep Depression is taking shape in the waters of East Central Bay of Bengal, from its predecessor low which is a well marked low pressure area now, and it sets sight to roll over eastern sea bed of South Odisha and Northern AP. As is the case with any monsoon system approaching land mass, heavy rains are expected over vast swathes of Northern AP and parts of South Odisha. Rains will pick up in Telangana by Friday.

In view of aforementioned system, extreme North Coastal TN and parts of North Interior TN will see cloudy weather and precipitation mostly in the form of drizzles. Over Delta and STN, partly cloudy conditions are expected to prevail and it will remain warm and dry. Ghats adjoining South Kerala will see isolated rains at times.

City Outlook:

Chennai – A partly cloudy day with temperature maximizing around 34 C. Spotty showers are possible in the evening.

Madurai – Fairly hot day ahead with maximum temperatures of around 35 C.

Trichy – Mix of sun and clouds with a high of around 37 deg C.

Coimbatore – A warm cloudy day followed by a comfortable evening with maximum temperature of 33 C.

Vellore – Warm day ahead with the temperature capping at about 34 C.