Depression to propel late, unseasonal rains in AP, Odisha

A Depression has formed over deep waters of South East Bay of Bengal close to 10N latitude and it is forecast to intensity into a Deep Depression by today. It is expected to move North – North westwards towards North Andhra Pradesh and South Odisha coasts by tomorrow even as it weakens. This will propel unseasonal rains for North Coastal AP and South Odisha coasts. Fishermen in the vicinity are advised to stay off Bay waters on the wake of this system.

Isolated rains are expected over parts of South and West Tamil Nadu with rest of the state soaking under sun and clouds and remaining mostly dry. The impact of Depression in Bay of Bengal will be NIL. Up North, a Western Disturbance prevails as a trough over 18N latitude. A much more intense one of it will arrive over the Himalayan region and North West plains of India by early next week spreading snow in the higher reaches and rains for the plains.


City Outlook:

Chennai – Pleasantly sunny as max will settle at balmy 30/31C with no chance of rains in the city. 

Vellore – Plenty of sun as temperatures settle at 30C mark and no chance of rains. 

Trichy – Slightly warm and partly cloudy with highs of 31C. Very bleak chance of rains.

Madurai – Warm and sunny as highs settle at 32C. Chance of storms in the vicinity late in the day. 

Coimbatore – Warm and partly cloudy as mercury settles are 32C. Chance of storms in the city by evening.