Dry Weather Set To Prevail

With the weak and minute easterly wave moving away after giving decent rains to parts of southern Tamil Nadu, a discernible dry phase is likely to set in across the peninsula. The extreme southern parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala however could witness isolated light rains. In the rest of the peninsula, cool, dry weather with blue and blooming skies are all set to prevail. Signs of rain seem negative for the next couple of days.

City Outlook:
Chennai – Cool day with dry weather. Maximum temperature hitting only 30-31 C despite a cloudless sky.
Trichy – Warm afternoon with clear skies. Maximum temperatures of 32-33 C.
Madurai – Blue skies on the cards with occasional clouds in the vicinity. Maximum temperature likely to peak at 32 C
Coimbatore – Comfortable day with a low temperature peak of 30-31 C.
Vellore – Warm day followed by a cool night with the temperature ranging from 31 C in the afternoon to 20 C in the early morning.