Dry weather takes charge over Tamil Nadu

Dry weather has well and truly tightened its grip on Tamil Nadu as is normal at this time of the year. Days full of partly cloudy to clear skies, bright sunshine and nippy nights will be the norm going into the new year. North western TN in particular will see cooler night time temperatures even as frosty nights engulf the Nilgiris and Kodaikanal hills. Some places in interiors may see slightly warmer than normal daytime highs. 

Cold wave conditions are forecast for parts of Telengana and Odisha as peak winter takes over. In contrast, west coast will reel under very warm daytime temperatures as prevailing winds are easterlies. In North India, cooler climes will prevail in purview of dense fog which will linger much of the expanse and more so in East Uttar Pradesh.


 City Outlook:

Chennai – Partly cloudy skies and less humid with high of 30C and low of 20/21C. Suburbs tend to get more cooler compared to city by night and early morning.

Vellore – Clear and pristine sunshine with max of 29C. Night is expected to be nippy and cool at 15C.

Trichy – Pleasant sunshine as max settles at 30C. Expected to get cooler by morning with min of 19C.

Madurai – Warm day followed by a pleasant night is forecast for the city with temperatures settling at 31C/19C.

Coimbatore  Pleasantly sunny leading to a cooler night with highs of 31C and lows of 17/18C.