Dry weather with break in Thunderstorms likely

Isolated thunderstorms in Southern Peninsula likely to take a short break and is expected to be back once again on 19th/20th April. Maximum temperatures are likely to increase by 2-3°C over Northwest, West, Central and Eastern India during next 3 – 4 days. No significant change in maximum temperatures likely over rest of the country during next 2 days.

Isolated thunderstorms with gusty winds & lightning are likely to continue over parts of Central India during next 48 hours. A combination of Western Disturbances is very likely to cause fairly widespread thunderstorms over Western Himalayan region.

City Outlook:

Chennai – A sunny day with occasional scattered clouds in prospect with day high hovering around 35-36 degrees.

Coimbatore – Day will remain warm and sunny with the day max peaking at 36 degrees.

Madurai – A sunny day on cards with maximum temperature hovering around 38C.

Trichy – Temperature likely to pickup with day highs hovering around 38 degrees.

Vellore – A cloudy day on cards with the day high expected to peak around 38 degrees.