Fair Weather To Prevail in Tamil Nadu

With a low pressure area cooking up in the Bay of Bengal, rains are expected to be back in Tamil Nadu in the next few days. Dry weather is expected to prevail in most parts of the country.

Cold wave conditions are very likely in North and Central India. Foggy conditions in Bihar, Assam, Meghalaya and other Northeastern states of India likely.

City Outlook:

CHENNAI: A pleasant day with highs around 30C and temperature dropping to 20C very likely.

VELLORE: A cool day with max. temperature of 27/28C and a low of 20/21C.

COIMBATORE: A warm day with temperature around 28C and min. temperature around 20C.

MADURAI: A day with highs of 29/30C and lows of 21/22C.

TRICHY: A day high of 29/30C and low of 20C likely.