Fairly Hot Day Ahead For Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is set for yet another hot day amidst partly cloudy skies. Isolated places in Tamil Nadu could register light to moderate rainfall from thundershowers. Rest of South Peninsula continue to remain dry as monsoon winds have completely died down.

But scenario in Central India is in stark contrast to the south where yet another seasonal monsoon system hurtles its way towards Odisha. Heavy to very heavy rains are forecast for parts of Odisha, Chattisgarh. Monsoon withdrawal from North West India will be delayed in view of aforementioned system.

City Outlook:

Chennai – A partly cloudy day with mild heat likely. Thundershowers possible in the night following maximum temperatures of 34-35 C.

Trichy – Typical Trichy day ahead with the thermometer clocking a high of 36-37 C. Rains possible in the evening.

Madurai – A horrid day on the cards as an extremely hot afternoon seems well poised. Maximum temperatures of 38-39 C possible with chances of rain in the afternoon.

Vellore – Another partly cloudy day ahead as Vellore could witness maximum temperatures of 34-35 C with rains occurring in the district later in the day.

Coimbatore – Mild heat with the mercury capping at 32-33 C. Light rains possible.