Mercury scales up in February

The wind discontinuity from South Tamil Nadu to North Telengana across Kerala and interior Karnataka is seen as a trough from the Upper air cyclonic circulation over Lakshadweep to Telengana across Kerala and interior Karnataka.

Dry weather is likely to prevail over Tamil Nadu and many region may witness a rise in temperature in day time and might cause inconvenience for  many. Night time temperatures as well increase more than the average temperatures for the same period in yesteryears.

City Outlook:

Chennai: The sky condition likely to be partly cloudy. The maximum and minimum temperature  is likely to be around 33 °C  and 23°C  respectively.

Vellore: Partly cloudy with scorching heat. Max temperature is likely to be set around 36°C.

Madurai: Mostly sunny with high warm. Max  temp would be around 37°C.

Trichy: Mostly Sunny and unpleasant .Max Temperature is likely to be around 36°C.

Coimbatore: Partly cloudy. Max Temperature would be around 35 to 36°C.