Hails in North and Central India, Dry in South

Western Disturbance has interacted with the easterlies over Central & North West India and has effected thundershowers in isolated parts. Damaging winds and hailstones lashed parts of Vidharbha, Marathwada and Madhya Pradesh. This is all set to continue today as well causing significant damaging for the standing crops. Parts of North West India will also witness isolated Thundershowers accompanied by hails which is not so uncommon given the time of the year.

Dry weather has perched over most parts of South Peninsula with clear skies dominating and odd upper level cloudiness. In Tamil Nadu, interiors will see the effect of early seasonal warmth as temperatures has risen steadily and meandering at 34C mark. Coastal areas will continue to see balmy weather aided by easterlies. Night temperatures will remain, by large, warmer than normal for early February settings.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Shade warmer and breezy at 31C and a comfortable night of 22C.

Vellore – Benign warmth with highs of 31C. Night will be cozy and tad nippy at 20C.

Trichy – Warm and sunny as mercury will settle at 32/33C. Night will be pleasant at 21C.

Madurai – Very warm and sunny with max of 34C followed by a comfortable night at 22C.

Coimbatore – Warm and sunny with highs of 33C and lows of 20C.