Heat will continue to dominate the weather across India

Many places in India continue to remain hot with some parts under sweltering heat with day time highs recording in the range of 2 to 3 degree C above normal with parts of north-west India seeing maximum peaking 5 degrees above normal.
Much of the peninsular India will also experience hot weather conditions especially the interior districts. Meanwhile in east India parts of Bihar, Jharkhand, Gangetic west Bengal and Odisha will experience isolated Thunder squalls and hail storms which would give some respite. The trough of Low over the Comorin area and Maldives continues to persist at sea level, which could lead to some cloudy weather conditions along west coast.

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City Forecast:

Chennai will see clear skies with slightly uncomfortable conditions around noon time. Maximum will stay around 33 C.
Coimbatore will experience hot weather conditions with maximum soaring up to 35/36 C
Madurai will remain bright and sunny with maximum settling around 35 C
Trichy will experience fair weather conditions with day time heat peaking up to 35 C
Vellore will experience dry and sunny conditions with maximum settling around 33/34 C