Hot weather to extend from southern to central parts of Tamil Nadu

Technically its an heat wave with cities such as Madurai, Karaikkal and Nagapattinam all recording temperature 5 C above normal. The southern Interior  / Coastal Tamil Nadu will not see any respite with another hot day in the offing. This mini heat wave is likely to spread over other interior parts of Tamil Nadu. The state will mostly remain dry with slight chance of rains at isolated places in Chennai, Tiruvallur, Vellore and Kancheepuram districts.
City Outlook:
Chennai – Hot weather to continue with a high of around 35-36 C with warm nights at 28 C. There is a slight chance for rains later in the day.
Coimbatore – With an high of 34 C and low of 23 C, the textile city will remain mostly dry.
Madurai – Will continue to remain as the hottest City in Tamil Nadu at high of 38-39 C. Night will remain pleasant compared to day at around 24 C.
Tiruchi – Another hot day in the offing with day maxima peaking to 38 C while the minima will settle at 26-27 C. There is no chance of rains in the city.
Vellore – Comparatively cooler compared to the southern cities at 34-35 C with little warmer nights at 26 C. There will be chance for light rains in the City.
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