Interior TN looks to enjoy the Friday evening Thunderstorms

For the past 5 days, the thunderstorms were formed at isolated places of Tamil Nadu due to a trough extending from Marathawada to South TN embedded with a Upper Air Circulation over North Interior Karnataka. Due to the lack of proper steering winds, the intense thunderstorms dumped heavy rains in places like Hosur, Krishnagiri, Chittoor resulting in flash floods. This same pattern of Rainfall is expected to continue for  the next 24 hours.
The monsoon Trough has been placed near  the foot hills of Himalayas and thus the break monsoon period is at play. Leeward areas of Karnataka, Tamilnadu might get some isolated thunderstorms today. Interestingly places in Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya will be seeing heavy rains due to a trough at Mean sea level over those Regions.
Madhya Pradesh and adjoining East Rajasthan might get some isolated Thundershowers. Jammu and Kashmir and  Himachal Pradesh might see some rainfall activity due to an approaching Western disturbance.
Chennai will continue to stay  comfortable with a day time high of 34 and a low of 27 C. City Suburbs might witness a Thunderstorm Evening/Night.
Coimbatore will stay comfortable with a high of 32 C and Low of 22C. Chances for a Stray Shower towards Evening.
Trichy will stay warm with a day time high of 36 C and a Low of 25C. Moderate chances of Rain towards Evening/Night.
Vellore will be cloudy with a day time maximum hovering around 34 C and Minimum around 25C.  Rain can be expected late in the afternoon.
Madurai will stay warm and cloudy with a day time high of 34C and Low of 24C. Rain chances are good towards evening. Outskirts of the City might get good rainfall.
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