Interior to flare up with Thunderstorms

The low pressure area over South Haryana and neighbourhood now lies over Haryana. A fresh feeble Western difference likely to affect Western Himalayas from 26th. North Eastern States and South peninsula is expected to experience enhanced rainfall activity. Tamil Nadu and Adjoining States Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to Receive thunderstorms in the later part of the day.
Prevalence of dry weather is likely over West Rajasthan. Reduction in moisture associated with the Monsoon flow. These are indicative of likely commencement of withdrawal of South West Monsoon from Western parts of Rajasthan around 29th September.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Clear Skies with a Maximum Temperature of 33-34C. Slight chance of evening showers cannot be ruled out

Madurai – Warm Day with a High of 35C. Possibility of Thunderstorms during the later part of the day

Coimbatore – Partly cloudy day with a High of 34C with isolated Thundershowers in the later part of the day

Trichy – Partly cloudy skies with a Maximum of 35C and a chance of Thundershowers in the evening

Vellore – Partly cloudy day with Maximum Around 35C. Possibility of Thundershowers in the evening.