Interiors to Sizzle with some scattered rain activity

Temperatures are expected to soar in Tamil Nadu. A  Low pressure area lies near the South West Bay and is expected to intensify into a cyclonic storm and move towards Myanmar and Bangladesh.
Chennai city is expected to experience near normal temperatures. Thunderstorms are expected later in the day. Some good news cropping up on the Monsoon front. Massive onset of south west monsoon is expected during the first week of June over the coastal areas of Kerala.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Hot weather is expected to continue over Chennai with some slim chances of rains earlier in the day.
Vellore – No change in the weather pattern. Hot weather expected to continue with 30% chances of rains later in the day.
Trichy – Hot weather is expected to continue with a maximum temperature of 39/40c
Madurai – Hot day in the surrounding with a Maximum temperature of 40c and slim chances of rains.
Coimbatore – warm day is expected with maximum setting around 36c and 20% chances of rains.