Interiors tryst with Thunderstorms set to continue

The welcome showers that have been occurring in the interiors of the Southern Peninsula are likely to remain unhindered as the interiors are likely to witness yet another stormy evening. This includes region like Tiruvallur, Vellore districts too. Possibility of Thunderstorms in western Tamil Nadu, southern Karnataka and adjoining South Andhra Pradesh by evening and sustain till night following a sizzling afternoon. Thunderstorm associated rainfall is likely to occur over NE states and pockets of West Bengal.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Hot and humid day ahead with the temperature peaking at 37/38 C.

Trichy – Balmy afternoon on the cards with the mercury hitting 40C.

Madurai – Blistering heat up ahead as the temperature could hit 39 C in the afternoon.

Coimbatore – Yet another uncomfortable day ahead with the temperature crossing 35 C.

Vellore – One more hot day to add to the misery as the temperature could hit 40 degrees.