Isolated thunderstorms in coastal TN

Transition like weather would prevail over South Peninsula with prevailing winds not quite stable. Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu will witness isolated showers early in the day and as day progresses, interiors of the state would witness thunderstorms. Rains in Interior Karnataka would continue for few more days. Seasonal wind reversal is not far away as easterlies are expected to enter South West Bay early next week which would enhance precipitation in South Peninsula as moisture seeps in from east. Onset of NEM could possibly happen post Oct third week once SWM clears the turf completely.

After having begun its withdrawal march with historical delays, SWM retreat is quick to cover ground in many parts of North India as dry air encroaches from North West. Monsoon has further withdrawn from Delhi, Haryana, parts of Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Further withdrawal henceforth will cover remaining parts of North and North West and few parts of East India in 2-3 days. Scattered rains would continue over Odisha Chattisgarh and Maharashtra for few more days until withdrawal.