Monsoon activity vigorous in West Coast

Heightened monsoon activity is witnessed across parts of West Coast where heavy rains have lashed Konkan and adjoining South Coastal Gujarat. Not far away is Coastal Karnataka, where monsoon has been on the ascendancy yet again. With the incoming surge in the Arabian sea, the monsoon is expected to stay fort for next several days. And it’s just about time for monsoon to further progress into the hinterlands on North and East India where premonsoon has broken out already.

Some parts of Uttar Pradesh, South Rajasthan and Uttarakhand are in line for coming under the purview of the monsoon in next 48hours and North West India should see the monsoon arriving by month end.

In Tamil Nadu, seasonal windy conditions continue to prevail with near normal highs and mins. Showers will outbreak in isolated parts of North Tamil Nadu which can come as a cooling relief by evening.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Breezy and seasonably sunny with highs of 38C and lows of 27C. Chance of a sharp shower by evening.

Vellore – Stiff breeze blowing across on a day which will see highs of 38C and lows of 26C.

Trichy – Very windy and warm with a day max of 38C and night mins of 27C.

Madurai – Hot and sunny as mercury is forecast to settle at 38C/27C.

Coimbatore – Windy and pleasant with highs of 32C and lows of 22C. Chance of a shower or two in the vicinity.