Monsoon advances in west coast, scattered rains in Interior Tamilnadu

South West Monsoon has further advanced into remaining parts of Kerala, most parts of Coastal Karnataka, some parts of South Interior Karnataka. The northern limit of the monsoon passes through Shirali, Hassan, Kodaikanal and Tuticorin. Rains will ease along the west coast as the westerlies weakens in lower levels and turned easterlies at mid levels signifying a lull. Bay branch seems to run ahead of schedule and is expected over some of the North Eastern states in a couple of days.

Prevalent east west shear zone should ingrain moisture into the interiors of Tamilnadu and South Karnataka thereby enhances the possibility of Thundershowers in the evening. Coastal areas of TN will reel under intense heat until noon by when sea Breeze arrives. Interiors of the state will remain relatively less warm under the cooling influence of Westerlies.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Hot in the early noon turning humid late. High of 39C and lows of 31C is forecast.

Vellore – Hot and uncomfortable with a day time high of 40C, chance of an odd shower by evening with lows settling at 27C.

Trichy – Windy from west and temperatures under control with a high of 38C. Night should be warm at 27C.

Madurai – Partly sunny and warm with a high of 38C and low of 26C. Odd shower or two in the vicinity.

Coimbatore – Breezy and pleasant with highs of 33C. Cool night to follow with a low of 23C.