Monsoon break to stay firm over Peninsular India

Approaching Western Disturbance will agur some rains for North West Plains early this week and the wintry weather will get accentuated over the plains after the system passes. Dense fog ascends down in Punjab, parts of Haryana and West Uttar Pradesh.

With dry easterlies blowing across the Peninsula, chances of rains have diminished paving way for dry weather. Without ample cloud cover, maximum temperatures across Tamil Nadu has seen a spike in few places. And the forecast is for warm weather for next few days but night times tend to be balmy with a nip in the air. Meanwhile, a weather system is under development in South Bay of Bengal off Sri Lanka which invites some attention as it has the potential to intensify further in near seas under the purview of MJO. It’s track is uncertain just yet given the upper level dynamics involved in the guidance.

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