Monsoon magic continue along Western Ghats

Monsoon flows continue in brisk pace and continue hitting ghats all along west coast. Seasonal heavy monsoon downpours continue to drench ghats of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Coastal Karnataka and South Konkan, thereby swelling the rivers and brought about a spike in dam levels. And this scenario is set to continue for next few days as well before the Westerlies slow down a tad and enter a lull.

Monsoon rains had spread along Delhi and surroundings and a much needed repreive from heat is ensured. And weak monsoonal activity over East coast is set to revive on the back of a low pressure area in the Bay. In Tamilnadu, seasonal windy conditions will prevail with earnest, keeping interiors balmy. Places adjoining ghats can receive a shower or two and rest of the state should slip into drier climes.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Warm and sunny with highs of 36C and mins of 26C. Chance of sharp showers by evening.

Coimbatore – Cool and pleasant with highs of 29C and mins of 23C with on and off passing showers.

Madurai – sunny and partly cloudy with highs of 36C and mins of 26C. Light rain possible.

Trichy – Sunny and breezy with highs of 36C and mins of 27C with a chance light rains.

Vellore – Partly cloudy and warm with highs of 35C and mins of 27C. Sharp showers possible by evening.