Monsoon Rains to take a short break

The monsoon rains that were active over Tamil Nadu these days are now expected to take a short break. A low pressure area prevails over the Andaman Sea and Malay peninsula. With further intensification of this system in the coming days, rains are expected to make a comeback to Tamil Naduby this weekend. Dry weather with intermittent short spells are expected at isolated places of Tamil Nadu.

Foggy mornings are expected in the states of Delhi, Punjab, North Rajasthan, West Uttar Pradesh and other isolated places of Northeastern states of India with less to no chances of any precipitation in those regions. Dry weather is expected to prevail over the country.

City Outlook:

CHENNAI – A warm and sunny day with high of 30C and low of 24/25C with less chances of rains.

VELLORE – A day high of 29/30C and low of around 25C with no rains likely.

COIMBATORE – A day with temperature hovering around 28/29C and a fall of temperature to 23/24C. Chances of any precipitation are less.

MADURAI – A day high of 29/30C and low of 25/26C likely with no major chances of rains.

TRICHY – A day with max. temperature of 30C and minimum of 25/26C with less chances of rains.









NEM Fact & Figures# 19

Did you know that in the year 1951, the NEM monsoon onset was on 6th November and it withdrew on 2nd December making it the shortest NEM ever with just 26 days. It also holds the record for most earliest withdrawal of NE Monsoon.