Monsoon rains will continue to drench east India

South west Monsoon has been quite vigorous and active across east Indian Gangetic plains over the last few days under the influence of an active Monsoon low pressure area. The associated upper air circulation is seen extending up to 7.6 km . Heavy to very heavy rains are very likely over east India during the next 24 hours. The rest of country including Tamil Nadu will not see much rainfall except for some isolated activity.


City Outlook:

Chennai would experience a cloudy day with day time maximum settling for 35 C
Coimbatore city and suburbs will see a dry and partly cloudy day with a day time high of 33 C
Madurai could be hot and humid with a day time high of 36 C
Trichy will have to experience a humid and hot day with day time maximum of 36 C
Vellore will be cloudy with a day time maximum settling around 35 C

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