North East Monsoon and the Power plays

The Annual North East monsoon premier championship match is all but onto the ” Final Batting Slog overs”.

With the available reviews lost, the hope is for some meaty blows of the Sweet spot which would result in a widespread show and the resultant increase in the precipitation that would boost up the overall tally to a respectable score.

The October innings began with all the flourish that’s required to make the most out of the power plays and against some innocuous “dibbly dobbly” bowling in the form of “Easterly Waves” and the urgent need to get the scoreboard ticking and be on a level playing field.

Now the monsoon moves on to the crucial mid overs (November) and an objective, hope to sustain the decent start already provided. Sensing the absence of favourable conditions, the bowling strategy remained the same and that would have made a Gavin Larsen, Chris Harris or a Jimmy Amarnath proud. Against some pretty accurate stuff, all November could do was to play the waiting game in the form of a Michael Bevan dabb, a push here, a pull there and an odd sweep that kept up the precipitation quantum going, though not up to the desired levels.

The Slog “December” overs did get off to a good start with few sky scrapper overs riddled with few Free hits in the form of a strong EASTERLY surge and an embedded Trough in it.

By and large, the monsoon innings have been sort of one dimensional bereft of any extravagant stroke play in the form dumping deluge or in other words big 24 hour precipitation accumulation. The BAY getting into a squeeze mode/ mood not letting any sort “Hit me all over” stuff in the form of a LpA, WML or a Depression will or may remain the Talking point when the umpires finally take the bail of the groove.