Peak monsoon activity is here to stay

It’s that time of the year when the westerlies(Somali Low Level Jet) attain the maximum throttle at 850hpa levels and spike up the rainfall activity over ghats and foothills of Western Ghats. True to this, monsoon has turned vigorous over ghats of Kerala and Karnataka, even as the rain inducing monsoon off-shore trough persists. Heavy rains will continue to lash these areas for next several days, as monsoon winds continue to gain momentum. This could lead to localised flooding, landslides and swells in major rivers. People are advised to follow the warnings of local administration.

Active monsoon conditions will continue over parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Konkan. In Tamilnadu, relatively less warm and breezy weather is expected to prevail in most of the state due to active monsoon conditions in Kerala. Maximum temperatures will be under 35C in most areas and will be under 30C in places adjoining ghats. Sharp evening showers are possible in STN interiors and NTN. Ghats of Coimbatore Nilgiris will continue to witness heavy to very heavy rains in the coming days as well.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Warm and breezy with partly sunny weather(35/26C) will prevail for most parts of the day. Sharp showers are possible by evening.

Vellore – Partly cloudy pleasant and comfortable with highs of 32C and mins of 25C. Chance of a shower by noon/evening.

Trichy – Warm and breezy with highs of 34C and lows of 25C. Chance of an odd shower by evening.

Madurai – Warm partly cloudy with max of 34C and min of 25C. A spell or two in the vicinity.

Coimbatore – Cool overcast and breezy with day highs of 27C. Drizzle/Showery conditions will prevail at various times of the day.