Rainy affair order of the day for Tamil Nadu

Rain driving cyclonic circulation is holding stake over interiors and coastal areas of Tamil Nadu. This has ushered in easterlies towards the state and triggered heavy rains over coastal areas and ghats of the state. To add to the complexion is the prevalence of another cyclonic circulation over South East Arabian sea, which has all chances of becoming a low pressure areas by today. This system will continue to intensity several rounds before reaching cyclonic status only to head towards Oman coasts in the next few days. This will augur beneficial rains for Tamil Nadu for next several days more so in coastals and Ghats in particular will see heavy rains due to the pull effect of the Arabian sea system. As for today, heavy to very heavy rains are forecast for the state in isolated areas.

Kerala, on the other side of the coast, will continue to witness heavy rains, more so in the southern districts and ghats of Idukki, Trivandrum, Palakkad and Wayanad districts. As the system move away from the state, rains will decrease from early next week. Parts of South Interior Karnataka and Coastal Karnataka stands a chance to witness heavy rains late in the day including Bangalore. SWM withdrawal is well on track as it is expected to cover Central India and parts of East India by tomorrow.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Numerous spells of rain is possible with most of the day staying overcast. Temperatures remain comfortable at 29C/24C.

Vellore – Overcast cool and chance of few showery spells during the day. Mercury will settle at 27C/23C.

Trichy – Mostly cloudy with chance of few showers. Day time high of 29C and night lows of 24C is forecast.

Madurai – Cloudy and very high chance of precipitation. Comfortable day highs of 29C will prevail with overnight lows of 23C.

Coimbatore – Mostly cloudy with a chance of an odd shower in the vicinity. Highs of 29C and lows of 22C will be observed.